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Silver & Iridescent Glass Marble Blend Mosaic Tile
Silver & Iridescent Glass Marble Blend Mosaic Tile
Silver & Iridescent Glass Marble Blend Mosaic Tile

Silver & Iridescent Glass Marble Blend Mosaic Tile

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Detailed Description

Tile Description

Silver & Iridescent Glass Marble Blend Mosaic Tile

Our Glass Mosaic Tiles is an 8mm thick glass tile with a polypropylene ceramic backing for maximum color continuity and radiance, each piece is a square foot with individual tile artistically arranged on mesh backing for easy installation and our glass tile have the following properties/advantages:

  • Brilliant -- the colors of our tiles are long lasting, achieved by fusing pigments directly into the glass, resulting in a homogeneous piece of glass.  With the technology process of color pigment fusion, the top coating is indestructibly melted into the glass plate, thus preventing the color of our tiles from corroding or losing brilliance;
  • Unique -- when you look at our 8mm glass mosaic tiles, no matter from which angle, you will always discover new facets, like a mirror reflecting esthetics and uniqueness back to its beholder;
  • Expression of stylish luxury and elegance -- our product line's wide range of formats and colors gives our designers all the scope necessary to put their designing ideas into practice with unlimited creating possibilities.  The interplay of light and shadow reflects the profound depth of our products, expressing style, luxury, and elegance;
  • 8mm thickness offers richer, deeper color, resulting in a more beautiful finish;
  • Higher quality resulting in long lasting and more enhanced durability;
  • 8mm thickness offers deeper three-dimensionality and more depth to your project as it's twice the thickness (8mm);
  • High temperature resistance;
  • Appropriate for interior or exterior use on walls, showers, backsplash, bathrooms, kitchens, and borders;
  • Easy to install;
  • Application: Bar, Swimming Pool, Fountain, Kitchen Backsplash, Bathroom, Shower, and many more similar applications

High quality black and white glass mosaic tile for homeowner to renovation or remolding their kitchen and bath of the house

Glass tiles are one of the most popular material for decorating kitchens and bathrooms. They are very durable and they do not absorb moisture. Glass tiles are available in thousands of styles , size and colors.furthermore, they are very easy to install and maintain. and that’s why they are ideal for DIY homeowner and small home improvement project...


Shipping Information

  • All sample order will be shipped via USPS Post Mail, Bulk orders will be shipped via UPS or Fedex Ground, customer will receive the order within 3-5 business day after we receive the payment.

Glass Mosaic Installation as seen on TV
Helpful resource: by Myknobsgavin channel

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